« If you do not know where to find a product, call us:

  • Either we have in our portfolio,
  • or we will tell you where to go,
  • or we’ll find it for you! »
A. Valbrun

Agence Valbrun and EPPS (European Pulp & Paper Sales)


In 2008 Agence Valbrun joined EPPS – an international network of agents. This alliance of a dozen partners in Europe enhances the strengths of each of its members as it

  • Generates opportunities for access to new mills
  • Favors an extensive market coverage
  • Is a source of Know-How and expertise
  • Helps sharing experience and creates an undeniable network effect.

Through this initiative and many contacts made in Europe and the world, our mill portfolio was substantially expanded. Moreover we can quickly submit requests to our networks: usually in less than 48 hours, you get our answer!